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Dr. Rene Levy’s address to SBH at the 4th Meldatho of Rabbi Solomon Maimon A”H. 9.11.23

- The Keys To A Successful Political Discussion: Five Videos -

How do we put an end to the political warfare with our families, friends and neighbors. In these short videos adapted from his new book, Mending America’s Political Divide, Rene Levy introduces us to the four “agreements” that everyone must honor in order to engage in a meaningful political discussion free of each side claiming that the other is unreasonable. 

- Jewish Peoplehood Crisis: A Call for Conversation (Seattle 7/14/13) -

You are invited to participate in an important conversation on building Jewish unity. Until now, unity has been considered a destination, a dream, something we could only imagine. The evening will address unity as a realistic objective. The conversation will begin with a presentation based on the book, "Baseless Hatred." Moderator for the evening will be Mr. Joel Benoliel.

In Mending America’s Political Divide, neuroscientist Dr. Rene Levy provides an expert’s view of the cancer of political contempt in America. He masterfully diagnoses the problem and provides a cure. If you want a future in which we unify and uplift our country, read this book.

— Arthur C. Brooks PhD, Professor Harvard Kennedy School and Senior Fellow, Harvard Business School

- Addressing The Kavanah Challenge During Shmonei Esrei -

The Science of Mind-Wandering - PART 1:

Standing"Lifnei Hashem" - PART 2:

- Letter from then President Shimon Peres praising Rene Levy's book, Baseless Hatred -

Letter from Shimon Peres
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