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In An Age Of Sinat Chinam

Jewish Unity book
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Prayer at the Western Wall
Rene Levy

As long as our people are united, they cannot be destroyed by their enemies….Only when their unity is fractured, can a decree calling for their destruction be countenanced in Heaven.

Reviews & Acknowledgements

The lecture by Dr. Rene Levy was inspiring and attitude changing. It reached at the core of a subject so important for Am israel and each and every fellow Jew.

Hazak Ubaruch.

Rabbi Joshua Bittan
Em Habanim Sephardic Congregation

Your talk was one of the best I have ever heard. It was not only interesting,
insightful, charming, profound, thought provoking, and relevant, more importantly, it was clear that the messenger not only "talked the talk but also walked the walk"!! Your wisdom, sincerity and passion came shining through! Thanks for sharing your brilliance with us; I look forward to more occasions to learn from you.

Dan Katz

President, Boca Raton Synagogue

May Hashem grant you the koach to continue in your great work of spreading
Shalom among our people by exposing the disease of hatred for what it is. It is only through lectures such as yours that we can turn the tide and win this battle. Purim is truly the holiday that reflects your message Ahavas Chinam to counteract Sinas Chinam. 
I envy your great reward in heaven and the nachas you are bringing to Hashem.

Rabbi Yakov Vann
Director of Kashrut Services
Rabbinical Council of California


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