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Books by René Levy

Religious Celebration
Jewish Unity

Welcome to a transformative journey addressing a paramount challenge within Torah-observant communities—the persistence of baseless hatred, or sinat chinam. Inspired by timeless teachings, this book advocates for a perpetual commitment to unity, urging readers to shift their focus from specific temporal windows to a year-round dedication. Beginning with the fundamental principle of "Know Thyself," the narrative guides individuals in unraveling layers of sincerity, humility, and empathy.


Delving into the intricate dynamics of subconscious triggers of hatred, it provides a roadmap to systematically resist these impulses. This book serves as a guide for Torah-observant individuals, inviting them to bridge discord, foster unity, and, in turn, transform interpersonal relationships within the community while deepening their connection with HaShem. Join us on this transformative journey to embody the principles befitting members of "a kingdom of priests and a holy nation."

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Baseless Hatred

What is hatred? What is baseless hatred? And how does this basic human emotion affect our relationships, our communities, and our world? In this fascinating study, pharmacological researcher Rene H. Levy looks through a scientific, sociological, and religious lens at the causes and effects of baseless hatred, and offers a prescription for preventing and repairing its damaging consequences. Levy examines the psychological and neurobiological bases of baseless hatred, and shows how it destroys interpersonal relationships. Baseless hatred is understood within Jewish tradition to have been the cause of the longest exile of the Jewish people from the Land of Israel; Levy discusses the impact of baseless hatred – both from without and from within – on the State of Israel, including an analysis of Islamist anti-Zionist hostility and the more recent Western antisemitic opposition as well as the new existential questions posed by the post-Zionist movement.

Mending America's Political Divide

What does science tell us about the palpable level of hatred that exists between left and right in America? In MENDING AMERICA’S POLITICAL DIVIDE, prominent neuroscientist Rene Levy tells us why political hatred is our most dangerous emotion, the nuclear weapon of the mind.  The unique potency of political hatred emboldens us to view large groups of people impersonally enough to wage physical war against them, and makes us even more susceptible to propaganda from our own side that nearly consumes our daily lives. 

Levy tells us why a growing number of Americans have now devolved into using the most corrosive and primitive part of their brains.  Our “primitive brains” feed hatred, contempt, paranoia and feelings of moral superiority. When the primitive brain perceives a threat, real or imagined, it gets activated immediately and shuts off our capacity for empathy.  Empathy limits our cruelty.

In Mending America’s Political Divide, neuroscientist Dr. Rene Levy provides an expert’s view of the cancer of political contempt in America. He masterfully diagnoses the problem and provides a cure. If you want a future in which we unify and uplift our country, read this book.

— Arthur C. Brooks PhD, Professor Harvard Kennedy School and Senior Fellow, Harvard Business School

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